So it’s you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans.

and none of them would die today

guns n roses alphabet ☆ 
➥ Don’t Cry
4:44 minutes full of beautiful words, amazing vocals, fantastic melodies, a very interesting music video (Axl kinda visits his own grave?, Axl is kinda dead (and green)?, there are three Axls at once in the same room (Axlception)?, Slash kinda kills his girlfriend (and himself too)?, oh and don’t you never fuck with Steph ever ‘cause she’s killer), and last but not least a title and a chorus that absolutely can’t be trust because 10/10 times this song WILL make you cry. 

I’m a little shy. The idea of going up to a guy and initiating something makes me uncomfortable, but I’m trying to get better at it.


In the mail today: If I Stay Collection by Gayle Forman




Little Ansel Elgort from Teen Vogue’s June/July issue.

I’m walkin’ back down this mountain; With the strength of a turnin’ tide; Oh the wind’s so soft on my skin